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31 Days of Vampire Movies Challenge

Happy October 1st ghouls! It’s our favorite time of year here at Gehenna Gaming, and we’re kicking it off right with our first annual 31 Days of Vampire Movies Challenge! Because Halloween isn’t a day, it’s a lifestyle, right?

We’ve compiled a list of essential vampire movies; one for each night. There are a total of 31 Vamp films in chronological order – a kind of crash course in vampire film through the years.

See a movie you haven’t seen before? Go watch it and get ready to discuss it on the corresponding day. Join our Discord and share what you love (or hate) about each movie, as we lead the conversation throughout the day and night (so everyone in any timezone can participate) with a question or two to get the discussion going!

So go watch Nosferatu, and join in the fun! We’ll be waiting…

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