Gehenna Gaming provides unique horror gaming experiences to fans of TTRPGs with a focus on safety, consent, and inclusivity. We produce a variety of actual plays on our Twitch channel, such as Gehenna Academy (Monsterhearts 2) and our Saturday Night One-Shots (SNOS) educational series where we teach viewers new game systems. We also create an ongoing Horror podcast where we interview game developers and writers, horror movies actors and directors, ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, and other horror aficionados! Our bread and butter, however, is live gaming events where we organize and run hundreds of tabletop RPGs for horror fans at game stores and conventions around North America.

In 2020, we founded VirtualHorror Con, the world’s first entirely virtual horror gaming convention. This event was born during the COVID-19 global pandemic to help support the gaming community amidst the rash of canceled conventions and inability to meet up at local game stores. During its first year, all proceeds from the event were donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Core Values

We strive to bring consent in gaming and equality to our tables and speak on the importance of these issues for the betterment of the tabletop roleplaying community and the content that we provide reflects this.

Ethical Pillars

ENTERTAIN players with unforgettable gaming experiences.
EMPOWER brands and creators by engaging fans with their content and products.
EDUCATE fans with new rulesets and settings so they can get the most out of their games.
EMBODY ethics that benefit local and global communities and provide inclusive environments (both in-game and out-of-game) with respect for individuals’ civil liberties.

Who We Are

Ian E. Muller

Ian is a forever gamemaster, with 25+ years of experience running tabletop RPGs, including D&D, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. He prefers games with dark and weird themes, particularly Lovecraftian or Clive Barker-style Horror, and a focus on the occult, folk horror, and investigative horror.

Outside of gaming, Ian is an avid hiker and camper, writer, musician, and all-around nerd.

Twitter: @ravnos
Discord: ravnos

Nick Francia
Production & Marketing Manager

Nick is an accomplished designer and video producer, providing excellent Twitch and Marketing production services to Gehenna Gaming since the Virtual Horror Con.

Nick is the showrunner for Gehenna Academy, our Monsterhearts 2 actual play, and a regular cast member on other streamed shows.

Twitter: @NoblemanNick
Discord: Orpheus

Ellie Collins
Events Manager

Ellie is a multi-award-winning narrative podcaster and storyteller with 20+ years of experience in convention organization and management. She is the Storyteller for ATL by Night, an ongoing Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition actual play, and creator of The Blood Crow Stories, a serial narrative horror podcast.

When she isn’t on stream STing or playing, she’s also a cosplayer, actress, and voice actress.

Twitter: @ellie_a_collins
Discord: EllieCollins

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