Gehenna Gaming is a New England-based tabletop gaming group dedicated to providing unique gaming experiences for fans of horror RPGs such as Vampire: the Masquerade, Kult, and Call of Cthulhu. Running classic tabletop, LARP, and online games, we set out to connect players and storytellers/gamemasters to immerse themselves in the games we love.

Meet the High Council

Ian E. Muller
Founder|VP of Strategy

Ian is a veteran storyteller and gamer, with 25+ years of experience running tabletop RPGs, including D&D, World of Darkness, Vampire the Masquerade, and Call of Cthulhu. He prefers games with dark and weird themes, particularly Lovecraftian or Clive Barker-style Horror.

Outside of gaming, Ian is an avid hiker and camper, writer, musician, and all-round nerd.

Twitter: @ravnos
Instagram: ravnos13
Discord: ravnos#1313

Ian is the primary face of the Gehenna Gaming Twitch account and runs the Providence by Night V5 chronicle.

John Knight
Founder|VP of Operations

John is an avid tabletop gamer and media consumer who loves to learn and try new things. He has a prolific game library, including D&D, Alpha Omega, Call of Cthulhu, The Dresden Files, Fate, A Song of Ice & Fire, GURPS, Iron Kingdoms, Lord of the Rings, Pathfinder, Serenity, Shadowrun, Unhallowed Metropolis, Chronicles of Darkness, and Vampire the Masquerade. 

John started storytelling with D&D but quickly found that it is not a match for his style. Rather, he prefers crafting the narrative alongside his players, whether he is using the Alpha Omega, Marvel Universe RPG, A Song of Ice and Fire, Chronicles of Darkness, Pathfinder, or the new 5th Edition of Vampire the Masquerade systems.

John regularly tries out new games and new people to play alongside. He mostly works behind the scenes at Gehenna Gaming, and is rarely on social media or even the internet.


Rick Wheeler
Founder|VP of Community Engagement

A huge World of Darkness fan, Rick recently rediscovered his love for tabletop gaming and started storytelling last year, founding Gehenna Gaming alongside Ian and John. He is the storyteller and creator of Salem by Night and is largely involved in the Twitter and Discord communities, as he enjoys sharing his passion with others. He is also a dad of three kids who occupy his daylight time!

Twitter: @DefMalkavianVtM

Rick runs his own prolific Twitter account and is the Storyteller behind the Salem by Night V5 chronicle.

Mark Q Anderson
VP of Marketing

Mark has been passionate about tabletop RPGs, creative marketing, and entertainment for over 20 years. His fandom for tabletop developed in high school where he played the then newly released Revised Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade. From there, he explored other games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and Shadowrun, with a focus on dark and macabre themes. His degrees in marketing and graphic design informed his experience in leading creative development, marketing strategy, and customer experience for many industries, such as consumer packaged goods, publishing, and pop culture collectibles. Today he continues to build upon this experience and continued education, while spending free time gaming, reading obscure comics, and preparing his two daughters to take on the world.

As the Creative Director of Gehenna Gaming, Mark is dedicated to leading creative innovation in an effort to connect and empower fans and gamers while providing unique gaming experiences.

Twitter: @marcho5ia5

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