The Gehenna Gaming Affiliate program showcases amazing horror tabletop games run online via Twitch, Roll20, and other streaming services.

McStabber Studios

McStabber Studios is a husband and wife team that loves to play games with friends. The DC by Night V5 chronicle – Vengeance Waits – is a fantastic introduction to Vampire the Masquerade. Tune in every Sunday at 6 PM EST.

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NearDark Studios

NearDark Studios is a new channel with some very big goals, featuring fan films, episodic web series’, and tabletop RPG’s. Currently running the V5 chronicle Chicago by Night on Monday evenings, as well as a D&D campaign, Death Attack, on Sundays!

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307 RPG

A podcast and Actual Plays for RPGs of all kinds.

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Caffeinated Conquests

YouTube and Twitch channel dedicated to Actual Plays, Let’s Plays, and original gaming content.

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Darker Days Radio

A podcast that explores the World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness, and other horror settings, and brings in elements of the real world with the Secret Frequency.

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Mage: the Podcast

A podcast dedicated to Mage: the Ascension.

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MrGone’s Character Sheets

Creator of beloved editable character sheets for World of Darkness games since 2003.

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Orange County by Night

A Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle. A tale of two counties, LA and OC. A tale of two factions, Anarch and Camarilla.

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YouTuber well-known in the Vampire: the Masquerade community for VtM Bloodlines streaming and lore videos on World of Darkness.

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Podcast by Night

A podcast dedicated to White Wolf’s classic World of Darkness, Vampire: the Masquerade, and more. Just being nerds who like to revel in the this Gothic Punk game.

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Prague by Night

V5 play-by-post Discord server run by GG community member NivaValo. One of the largest and most active V5 PbP servers, with over 200 members.

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A hub for the Global Brood created by GG tabletop community member Batsy. Originally dedicated to the chronicle Steel City by Night, SchreckNet has since expanded as a global community and World of Darkness resource center.

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Seditious Materials

Seditious Materials is a unique brand of products featuring handmade illustrations created by GG tabletop community member Danni Beth.

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Shattered Antiquities

The official branch of the Mind’s Eye Society covering the greater Boston area, as well as southern New Hampshire.

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Simulacra Studios

Simulacra Studios makes high-quality Table Top RPG Podcasts, Vodcasts and Live Streams, including the Vampire: the Masquerade 5th edition chronicle “Burn It Down.”

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The Botch Pit

Home of the “Beginner’s Guide” series of roleplaying videos on YouTube, covering many games but with a strong focus on the Chronicles of Darkness line.

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The Gentleman Gamer

The YouTube channel of Matthew Dawkins, writer and game developer for Onyx Path, where he reviews, discusses and dissects role-playing games, with the occasional interview and Let’s Play thrown in.

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Twin Cities by Night

A podcast that plays Vampire: the Masquerade and WoD RPGs.

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