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Episode 05 – PAX East 2020: Horror in Tabletop Gaming Panel

Do you love horror movies but are unsure of how to maintain the same tension and deliver the scares at your gaming table? We’ll explore how to set the mood and tone of a horror game with appropriate themes, setting, and pacing through a single session or across an entire campaign. These tips and tricks can be applied to any game setting, whether it’s a traditionally horror-based TTRPG like Call of Cthulhu or a heroic adventure games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Ian is joined by Mike from Darker Days Radio and Chris & Nick from The Botch Pit for a discussion on running horror tabletop RPGs. This panel originally took place on February 27, 2020 at PAX East in front of a live audience. They cover topics like using the five senses to drive horror, moral quandaries, pacing, the different sub-genres of horror gaming, using comedy in horror, what system mechanics help maintain tension, and running horror scenarios in “non-horror” games.

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Music by: Ross Boyd
Credits & Editing by: Mark Q Anderson

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