In 1991 the Swedish gaming company Äventyrsspel (Swedish for “Adventure Games”) released a provocative tabletop RPG called Kult. The game targets mature audiences with the original tagline Death is only the beginning. Inspired by occult and horror films like Hellraiser and Jacob’s Ladder, Kult is drenched in brutal surrealism. Where other games promote fantasy and adventure, Kult promises a world where “dark rituals are woven from sacrificial blood and fear.” Players explore the tortured past of their characters and face the fear of insanity while being hunted by unholy demons creeping just beneath the veil of the illusionary world.

Kult gathered infamy and fandom across the globe almost getting banned in Europe and nearly disappearing into obscurity sometime in the early 2000s. A new edition, Kult: Divinity Lost, was released by the Swedish company Helmgast in 2018 and updated for modern audiences while keeping true to its roots. With an updated ruleset inspired by gnostic occultism and a contemporary setting, Kult now brings fear and horror to a whole new generation of traditional gamers and fans of the horror genre.

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Good Intentions

Gehenna Gaming’s first actual play, Good Intentions, is an original Kult: Divinity Lost campaign written and GMed by Gehenna Gaming co-founder Mark Q Anderson. Set in New York City during the 1980s, our characters will descent into the darkness of Kult: Divinity Lost in hopes of finding their lost loved ones. Tune in live every other Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on Twitch, or watch the show on Demand.

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