Salem by Night

The Second Inquisition has a careful eye on Salem. Often considered the occult capital of North America, there is more that roams the streets at night than just kindred. When people fear what they don’t understand, they will find plenty to fear in the witch city of Salem.

Salem by Night Cast

Travis: A loner Gangrel. The Gangrel are in tune with their inner beast and commune with animals, can shapeshift and are very resilient. Travis ran from his past and seeks permission to live by himself on land he’s looking to obtain. He cares for a local veterinarian. The only family he speaks with live in upstate New York. Played by Sergei.

Miogaro: a Caitiff. The Caitiff are clanless kindred, often looked down upon by others in Kindred society. Miogaro is a black market merchant who crafts devices. Once homeless, he cares deeply for the homeless and tries to look out for them. Played by Rob.

Dr. Ari Pearlgrubber: a Tremere whose sire abandoned him, driving him to learn more about his clan’s blood sorcery. The Tremere used to be an order of mortal mages who sought to enhance their powers by experimenting with vampiric blood. Becoming vampires themselves they usurped power from one of the original 13 clans and took their place. Recently they were attacked, divided, and split into different houses, or orders. Ari yearns for knowledge and enjoys questioning things. He cares for his intern Danny and several family members. Played by Steve.

Father John: a former Mennonite preacher who thinks vampires are the children of God who are blessed. Mages, however, are from the devil and should be killed with extreme prejudice. He is a Ventrue who commands a gang of mortals. The Ventrue are powerful and deeply embedded into the world of economics and are considered the clan of kings. They seek to rule and often do. Father John himself refuses to sin but will order others to do so. Played by John K.

Oki: an Assamite (Banu Haqim) who defected from the clan after they joined the Camarilla. During his clan’s meeting to join the Camarilla, he saw a member place a bomb to sabotage the other clan who sought entry. Finding this dishonorable and against all his clan believes in, he left. Those who committed this heinous act are searching for him to silence the truth. Oki sought asylum in Salem, granted by Baron Vanessa Bartlett. He has returned the favor, assisting her when he can. Played by John C.

Storyteller: Rick Wheeler
Game Location: Manchester, NH
Schedule: Every other Thursday, 8 pm EST

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