Gehenna Gaming Co-Founders Launch Spin-Off Tabletop Game Line and Product Development Company

Gehenna Gaming is proud to announce that two of the co-founders, Mark Q Anderson and Rick Wheeler, will be spinning off an independent “NewCo” in order to accelerate tabletop game development initiatives, leaving Gehenna Gaming to the sole direction of Ian E. Muller. This realizes an important opportunity for two organizations to streamline highly focused strategies in the Tabletop RPG industry.

Mark and Rick have decided to leave Gehenna Gaming to found a new company, “NewCo,” yet to be officially announced. This venture will focus on tabletop game development and services, along with product development and sales.

The success that Gehenna Gaming has found in live streaming entertainment and events, such as Gehenna Academy, The Dark Ages V5, and the Saturday Night One-Shots series on Twitch, as well as the annual online convention Virtual Horror Con, would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of these two extremely talented TTRPG professionals. With the success of The Red Opera from Apotheosis Studios and the forthcoming Necrobiotic from Penny for a Tale, for which Rick and Mark collaborated with Ian to write compelling scenarios, this new company will be poised to develop creative and unique games in the TTRPG industry.

Gehenna Gaming, under the direction of Ian, will continue to produce high-quality TTRPG actual plays and related content, as well as return to in-person game organization at conventions and game stores. Further, the team at Gehenna Gaming will be expanding and announcing new initiatives in these arenas in the near future, while cheering on Rick and Mark’s endeavors as an excited audience for their future projects.

Details of the spin-off “Newco” will be announced by Mark and Rick over the coming months. In the meantime, they will focus on this important transition to set up Ian and Gehenna Gaming for continued success. All three wish each other well in the paths they are taking and will continue to collaborate and work side by side in the future, and hope the expanding community that has grown from their past efforts does the same.

Ian and the rest of Gehenna wish Mark and Rick the best of luck in their new endeavors and look forward to working with them again in the future. They’ll always be a part of Gehenna in spirit, if not in practice, and we look forward to bringing about a new era of Gehenna Gaming in the coming months!


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