Gehenna Gaming Welcomes Ellie Collins to the Team

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, Gehenna Gaming announced that Ellie Collins, Storyteller for ATL by Night and multi-award-winning narrative podcaster, joined the team as the new Events Manager for the organization. Ellie comes from a storied background of convention management and organization, as the founder of PersaCon and a regular attending professional at Dragon*Con, in addition to attending dozens of other conventions as both a guest and staff over the last 20+ years. In addition to her work in the convention circuit, Ellie is the creator of The Blood Crow Stories, a serial narrative horror podcast featuring LGBTQIA+-centric stories of terror.

Ellie will be taking the reins on in-person and virtual convention management for Gehenna Gaming, as well as continuing to assist with streaming on Twitch and future podcast endeavors. The team is incredibly excited to welcome her to the fold and looks forward to the fantastic work she’ll be doing with them.


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