manchvegas by night

Storyteller: Grash Uriza

The Cast

Bakari: A member of The Ministry

Rhain: A member of the Gangrel

Vallin: A Thin Blood

Constantine: A member of the Lasombra

The Story

The PC’s are mysteriously drawn supernaturally to a strip mall off of Mammoth Road, Manchester, NH. It turns out to be a location for The Ministry of Universal Truth and Love. Brother Bowen invites each one in, saying “Ya Yeet, Brother.  We have been awaiting your arrival”. Rhain arrives first, followed by Bakari, and then finally by Vallin. Brother Bowen does a horrible job getting them together.

manchvegas by night

Before Rhain can walk back out the door, Mother Cirice, a stunning redhead, arrives and convinces him to stay using her enchanting voice. She turns to Brother Bowen annoyed, as she expected all four from her vision to arrive. These were The Warrior, the Poet, The Priest, and the Scholar. The warrior is Rhain, The Poet is Vallin, and The Priest is Bakari. The one that is missing is the Scholar, Constantine. Mother Cirice then explains the PC’s are apart of a vision in which they will defeat three great challenges to the city. The First is the Royals. She believed it to be a Ventrue named Baxter, the Camarilla Prince of Keene, or to the Lasombra that remain in the city. The second is the Shapeshifter, which is assumed to be a Tzimisce. The third is the Infernalists, possibly a rogue group of humans with magical power.

A house is offered for their use, and Vallin buys it. This location is in Goffstown, one town over. From here the group begins with an investigation on Constantine. Using influence in the underworld and other methods to gather information, they discover four important facts. First is the location of his office. Second that he is married to Alexander. The third is a picture from which Constantine can be identified. The final piece of information is Constantine’s last known address. It is where Constantine’s husband still lives.

The group proceeds to Alexander’s home. They tell him that they’re friends of Constantine and are looking for him. Alexander believes that they are truthful and then goes from hopeful to angry at Constantine for having disappeared and that he never mentioned any of “these” friends. Vallin is able to get Constantine’s cell phone number. Through this, Vallin is quite offensive and disturbs Alexander’s by his callous attitude and disregard for him. Vallin unannounced charges in to look at Alexander’s refrigerator and reveal it’s well stocked with fresh milk, vegetables, and fruit. Vallin sees this and quickly heads out and hands Alexander a card with his telephone number and photo. At the same time, Bakari is being nurturing and reassuring to Alexander that the group will find Alexander. It greatly reassures Alexander and he asks “why does Bakari work with such horrible people,” referring to Vallin. On his way out, Bakari hands Alexander a card for his temple.  Once he’s outside, Vallin says to the group, “He’s not one of us.” Before Bakari can reveal too much about Kindred existence, Rhain pulls him away so they can all get in the car.

From Alexander’s home, the group then chooses to break into Constantine’s office. They are highly organized and effective, using masks and gloves. The secondary door in the back has nearly no security on it and it becomes an easy pick for Vallin. With security pretty much not an issue, the raid is in and out as fast as they can. They retrieve a small computer, other personal effects, and mail. They return back to the car and head back to their home undetected.

Vallin is able to hack into the phone services and is able to determine that the phone is active and Constantine has been in an area down by Brown Avenue between the Airport Diner and the Airport itself. From the computer, two pieces of information are found. A picture of Alexander and Constantine in beach outfits by the shore. The other is an email just before Constantine disappears. It is short and to the point:

I made you, you’re mine.
With all regards, bitch
 – Velvet

The process to get this information takes the group into the next night. After 2 am, Vallin is alerted that someone one else has tapped into Constantine’s phone and is accessing the location data as well. The hack job is sloppy and amateur at best. The information in the logs have captured who is behind this. However, it reveals that another phone is being used to track Constantine and their location is getting closer by the minute. The group gears up and heads out in what is eventually referred to as “The V-Team Van.”

The group manages to get to a street near the last known location. Constantine is seen propelled on the street with Oblivion arms trailing behind him as if they were used to launch himself over the factory fence. Two individuals dressed looking like high-tech ninjas make their way through the factory fence gate in chase of Constantine. Vallin floors it and rams one of the ninjas. The ninja is hit squarely by the van and is flung from it as the van stops. He rolls several more yards before stopping.  The other Ninja sees what happens, and shoots at the van as they continue to pursue Constantine. The shots glance off the van harmlessly.

Bakari and Rhain jump out and go after the other individual. Vallin gets himself set and holds him with levitation. Then a shot rings out from a building and hits Constantine. He staggers but continues to move on. Vallin sees him. A third Ninja-looking individual, but in cloth only, none of the high-tech gear. Vallin takes cover and hides. Rhain starts heading toward the building. Bakari gets to the individual on the road and stands over him. His body gets darker and his eyes light up. Fear rips over the man and asks who he works for. He tells him he’ll kill you and him.

Meanwhile, Rhain turns to the building and speeds toward it. He sees the ninja drop from the building and then disappear. There’s no noise at all as he looks about. The only clue is the effect of air moving as after the fact. It’s a few more moments later and the cloth ninja slides under the V-Team Van, slicing up what he can. Rhain turns and see him. It gives Vallin the opportunity to jump out and switch his levitation. He catches the cloth ninja under the van. It allows Rhain to pull him out and start slamming him into the van. He then pops his claws into him and in a feat of bestial rage rips into his neck and feeds. The would-be assassin drops into torpor and Vallin stakes him for good measure. Vallin sees the damage done to the van and manages to jury rig a fix to get back to base. He also kicks out the muffler as an excuse to cover the rifle shot. Rhain throws the assassin into the van as Bakari gets the two humans as well. Seeing the assassin, he recognizes him as a Banu Haqim. Vallin finishes his repairs and gets back into the V-Team van, and turns her around so they can get Constantine, and heads off.


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