providence by night

Four kindred are summoned to the Prince’s court to be given a task, with the promise of Domain within the city. What fate awaits them?

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.”
H.P. Lovecraft

The Cast

Jamison Westcott: A Ventrue who has lived outside of Kindred society since his embrace, working as a talent scout and promoter for local night clubs. A recent mistake and breach of the Traditions has brought him back into the fold, tasked with joining a newly formed coterie by the Prince of Providence.

Artemus: A young Tremere working in the Providence Chantry at Brown University. As a mortal he studied there in the biochemistry and medical labs. Now, he works to research lost paths of blood sorcery, and hopes to discover and unlock their power once again in this new age of Vampires.

Malone: A young man by all accounts, Malone lives a solitary life on the fringes of both Kindred and Kine society with his mortal family. Malone’s knowledge of Providence’s streets is unparalleled, and he and his gang of “hoodies” roam the nights getting into trouble. However, recent events and an increased presence of the Second Inquisition have troubled Malone, and he seeks to rid the city of these elements and keep it safe for him and his family.

Roxie Sinclair: A freshly turned Caitiff sired by Jamison in a fit of panic, Roxie is still struggling to accept her new nature. Though she has seen the signs, a slow turning process left her straddling both Kindred and Kine life up until very recently. Now, she looks to better understand, and cope, with what she has become while maintaining her fame in mortal society.

In the inaugural session of Providence by Night, Jamison, Artemus, and Malone are summoned to the Biltmore Hotel ballroom by Prince Howard Ellington to assist in investigating strange disappearances and sightings throughout the city. Numerous mortals, as well as several Kindred, have vanished, at the same time that, strange, horrible creatures have been seen in the night. The creatures and disappearance seem to be related, and Prince Ellington wants to get to the bottom of the situation. He directs the newly formed Coterie to head this investigation, but first, they must recruit a wayward new kindred to the cause. To this end, he directs them to Eclipse, an exclusive nightclub run by the city’s Toreador Primogen, Sindri Baldursson.

At Eclipse the Coterie barely manages to gain entrance, but once inside soon witness the club’s latest attraction. A cage begins lowering from the tall ceiling, previously hidden in the shadows. As lights turn to focus on it they see a figure begin to dance. Once revealed, the Coterie quickly realizes this is the Kindred they were sent to collect – Roxie Sinclair.

This is a shock to Jamison, who is Roxie’s manager and agent, as well as her sire, and was not aware she was back in town following his panicked embrace. Following Roxie’s breathtaking performance, they seek an audience with Sindri but are denied. They then meet with Roxie and explain the situation to her. It’s then she confronts Jamison, and an emotional argument ensues where Jamison (with the reluctant help from the rest of the Coterie) attempts to explain to Roxie what is happening to her.

During the argument, Roxie reveals that a close friend of hers – Mallory – is among the missing mortals. The Coterie manages to convince her to join them by promising to search for her missing friend among the others. Still not fully believing them, Roxie begrudgingly agrees to accompany them…


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