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The coterie has formed and collected its fourth member, the fledgling Roxie. After an intense personal encounter between Roxie and Jamison, the group discovered a mortal friend of Roxie’s has mysteriously vanished and offers to investigate.

What will they find at her apartment? And what lies in store for them at their yet-unvisited domain?

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”
H.P. Lovecraft

The Cast

Jamison Westcott: A Ventrue who has lived outside of Kindred society since his embrace, working as a talent scout and promoter for local night clubs. A recent mistake and breach of the Traditions has brought him back into the fold, tasked with joining a newly formed coterie by the Prince of Providence.

Artemus: A young Tremere working in the Providence Chantry at Brown University. As a mortal he studied there in the biochemistry and medical labs. Now, he works to research lost paths of blood sorcery, and hopes to discover and unlock their power once again in this new age of Vampires.

Malone: A young man by all accounts, Malone lives a solitary life on the fringes of both Kindred and Kine society with his mortal family. Malone’s knowledge of Providence’s streets is unparalleled, and he and his gang of “hoodies” roam the nights getting into trouble. However, recent events and an increased presence of the Second Inquisition have troubled Malone, and he seeks to rid the city of these elements and keep it safe for him and his family.

Roxie Sinclair: A freshly turned Caitiff sired by Jamison in a fit of panic, Roxie is still struggling to accept her new nature. Though she has seen the signs, a slow turning process left her straddling both Kindred and Kine life up until very recently. Now, she looks to better understand, and cope, with what she has become while maintaining her fame in mortal society.

Vincent Ladouceur: Recently arrived in Providence via Chicago, Vincent is a Camarilla-loyal Lasombra. Though his clan is widely mistrusted, Vincent strives to demonstrate his loyalty and earn the respect of his peers. Originally born in Providence, he has familial ties to the area despite not having visited since his embrace. His violent past from the Windy City as an enforcer might come back to haunt him, however…

Act 1 – The Investigation

The coterie leaves Eclipse, accompanied by Roxie’s bodyguard Kaeo, and immediately travels to the apartment of Roxie’s friend, Mallory. Upon breaking in they discover no signs of a struggle. It would appear that Mallory simply… vanished. Her phone is found, charging, in her bedroom, though her keys and purse are missing. Furthermore, Roxie notices the scent of myrrh in the air, though no source can be found.

Looking around outside, two of the coterie members discover what looks like signs of a recent struggle. Broken boards in a fence separating the property indicate it was kicked away by someone strong, and they discover blood splatter on the boards and grass on the other side of the fence, as if someone was cut while crawling through. The blood, however, could only be a day or two old, while Roxie’s friend has been missing for some time. Artemus takes a sample of the blood to test back in his lab at the Tremere chantry.

Further investigation outside by Jamison and Artemus finds that a motion detection lamp that would have illuminated the back yard is broken, with the bulb missing. Meanwhile, Malone and Roxie head to the closest building with a security camera or CCTV to see if Mallory was spotted there. Roxie distracts the clerk while Malone sneaks in the back and hacks into the store’s security cameras. They see signs of Mallory visiting the store more than a week ago, but no indication she was attacked or kidnapped from there.

After returning to the apartment, Roxie takes Mallory’s phone, and Malone leaves a note in the lobby identifying himself as a Private Investigator, leaving a phone number and request for any information about any missing persons.

Act 2 – Splitting the Party

At this point in the evening, the coterie splits up. Malone accompanies Roxie and Kaeo to another nightclub in town – The Strand. Unbeknownst to Roxie, The Strand acts as the city’s primary Elysium. Once arriving at The Strand, Roxie meets up with her (mortal) boyfriend, Cameron, and spends some time with him while Malone spends time with his (mortal) girlfriend, Lex.

Meanwhile, Jamison and Artemus head to the coterie’s newly designated Domain, and the vacant nightclub that was gifted to them as a base of operations. They investigate the building itself, then part ways, with Jamison investigating the nearby neighborhood and businesses located within their Domain, and Artemus heading toward The Strand to meet up with Roxie and Malone. Jamison, on the other hand, heads to the domain of the Ventrue Primogen, Tomas Marshall III.

Jamison arrives at The Dorrance, a fine-dining establishment owned by Tomas, and heads inside to meet with his clans’ leader. There he reintroduces himself, as he has long stayed out of Kindred politics, and asks for a boon – a $1 million loan to help get his new nightclub off the ground. Tomas acknowledges him, if somewhat coldly, and accepts the request.

Act 3 – Confrontation

Eventually, the coterie reconvenes at The Strand around “closing” time, when the mortal-facing side of the club shuts down and it becomes exclusive to the Kindred of the city. After interacting with several of the city’s more acclaimed Kindred, Roxie discovers that Jamison is capable of manipulating people’s memories. She recoils, questioning whether or not he “screwed” with her memories when she was involved with him as a mortal, and a heated argument ensues outside of the club while the rest of the coterie watches.

Shortly after this argument, a black Lincoln Towncar pulls up and a man in a dark suit steps out and introduces himself as “Vincent Ladouceur,” a newly arrived Kindred from Chicago. They step back inside The Strand, so as to not discuss Kindred matters on the open street, and Roxie storms off to go home, still angry with Jamison and not trusting of him.

Inside The Strand, Vincent fully introduces himself as having recently arrived as the attache to one Nikolai Vasiliev, a rather renowned Ventrue with a reputation for “cleaning up messes.” Tomas Marshall III is also in attendance at The Strand, and Vincent is introduced to him. Tomas is mistrustful of the newly arrived Lasombra but is visibly shaken when Nikolai’s name is mentioned. The coterie makes a note of this, and Jamison asks Vincent if he can take him to meet with Nikolai.

At this point in the evening, Artemus returns to his chantry to run the blood tests, while Jamison heads home and Malone takes Vincent to introduce himself to Prince Ellington. Vincent’s introduction goes uneventfully, as the Prince is happy to have him in the city, but he notes that Vincent’s mentor, Nikolai, has yet to do the same. Meanwhile, Jamison returns home to find Roxie waiting there for him, where she confronts him again and they have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Act 4 – The Next Night

The following evening, the coterie meets up in small groups, with Malone and Roxie further investigating Mallory’s disappearance, looking into a few clues that cropped up the following evening. Malone also begins mapping out the locations where some of the missing individuals were last seen.

Jamison meets up with Vincent and travels to the newly established haven of Nikolai to introduce himself. He notes heavy security at the house, and also meets Nikolai’s valet and ghoul, Alexander, an older gentleman with no discernible accent or lineage. Nikolai, on the other hand, is on the younger side of middle-aged and has a deep, old-sounding Russian accent. Jamison offers his assistance to Nikolai getting established within the city, which Nikolai briefly thanks him for.

Finally, Artemus remains in his own haven early in the evening to check on the blood tests he began the previous night. He discovers that the blood found outside of Mallory’s apartment actually belongs to a man, blood type O+, with an extra chromosome.

Eventually, the coterie gathers at Eclipse to meet with the Toreador Primogen, and Roxie’s employer, Sindri. There, they gather more information about the missing people, receiving a report from a local Toreador, Lucinda, who went missing before them while investigating the situation. After a bit more conversation, Vincent also sends the name of Roxie’s missing friend to his (mortal) brother, who happens to be a Rhode Island senator…

The session ends with the coterie heading to their new domain to review the files they received from Sindri and discuss their plans. On the way, Roxie and Artemus have a heart-to-heart where he explains more about the Kindred “condition” to her, and asks her if she has fed yet… It comes out that Roxie has not, in fact, fed since her embrace, and Artemus teachers her how to feed by offering her a bit of his own blood…


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