Gehenna Gaming is proud to offer a variety of resources for running your own horror-themed roleplaying games, from one-shot scenarios to props and more. Whether you are a new player learning the ropes, a lapsed fan getting back into gaming, or a veteran player, these tools will help bring your game to the next level.

If you’re interested in contributing your own original content to our resource center, contact us here.

Horror TTRPG Consent Form

Gehenna Gaming’s customized consent and safety form for horror tabletop RPGs.

Consent in Gaming

This consent form, inspired by Monte Cook’s Consent in Gaming, is custom-designed to cover any and all topics that may come up in a horror TTRPG. We use this form for all our online, local, and convention games, and highly recommend anyone running horror games, or games of any variety use a consent form as part of their session zero or pre-one-shot discussions.

Fatal Choices

Gehenna Gaming’s first scenario for 5th edition Vampire: the Masquerade


This one-on-one scenario is specially designed to introduce a player unfamiliar with Vampire: the Masquerade and the World of Darkness to both the setting and system. It introduces many of the themes of Vampire, as well as the personal and political horror and opportunities for betrayal that Vampire chronicles are renowned for. It can be a helpful module for a new Storyteller to familiarize themselves with the setting as well.

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