salem by night

Storyteller: Rick Wheeler

The Cast

Travis is a loner Gangrel. The Gangrel are Intune with their inner beast and commune with animals, can shapeshift and are very resilient. He ran from his past and seeks permission to live by himself on land he seeks to obtain. He cares for a local veterinarian. The only family he speaks with lives in upstate New York.

Miogaro is a Caitiff. The Caitiff are a clanless clan and are often looked down upon by others in Kindred society. He is a black market merchant who crafts devices. Once homeless, he cares deeply for the homeless and tries to look out for them.

Dr. Ari Pearlgrubber is a Tremere whose sire abandoned him so he thinks and wants to learn more about his clan’s blood sorcery. The Tremere used to be an order of mortal mages who sought to enhance their powers by experimenting with vampiric blood. Becoming vampires themselves they usurped power from one of the original 13 clans and took their place. Recently they were attacked, divided and split into different houses or orders. Ari yearns for knowledge and enjoys questioning things. He cares for his intern Danny and several family members. The mystery of his embrace weighs on him. He has connections to a local gang.

Father John is a former Mennonite preacher who thinks vampires are the children of God who are blessed and that Mages are from the devil and should be killed with extreme prejudice. He is a Ventrue, with a gang of mortals. The Ventrue are powerful and deep into the world of economics and are considered the clan of kings. They seek to rule and often do. He himself refuses to sin but will order others to do so.

Oki the Assamite (Banu Haqim) Oki is an Assamite who defected from the clan who joined the Camarilla. During his clans meeting to join the Camarilla he saw a member place a bomb to sabotage the other clan who sought entry. Finding this dishonorable and against all his clan believes in, he left. Those who committed this heinous act are searching for him to silence the truth. Oki sought asylum in Salem which was granted by Baron Vanessa Bartlett. He has returned the favor, assisting her when he can.

At the end of the last session, the crew went to Elysium. Elysium is a place where kindred (vampires) go to socialize or are called to for specific reasons. All vampiric disciplines (powers) are forbidden inside.

The coterie car pulls up the Vine, a local night club. Two large men stand outside the entrance. The crew says they are there to meet Ariah for the event. One of them leads Miogaro into the building. Inside is a dance club and bar with mortals everywhere, extremely modern. He takes him through two sets of double doors into a lavish wine bar looking function hall that could easily host million-dollar wedding functions. The room has 10-12 people inside all kindred, scattered and speaking to each other in groups with one or two by themselves.

The rest of the coterie seeing that the coast is clear also follows. They see the Baron in a red satin dress with her dark brown hair up and styled, standing next to a middle eastern woman of great beauty in a beige and green dress. The coterie meets them, and they are introduced to Ariah a ministry member who is hosting this Elysium.

Miogaro and Ari speak to a tall bald Nosferatu with white eyes in a dark red robe, who is speaking to a shorter Nosferatu with a hat and a backpack. They introduce themselves as the Maestro and Bart. Bart gives Ari a modified Nokia with a local Schrecknet app that can update them on things happening in the area he developed. The Maestro invites them to his haven after Ari expresses interest in him and his acclaimed musical talents.

He then spots a familiar man (his lost sire) talking to a woman and a shorter middle eastern looking man. The woman looks furious and swiftly leaves his company and makes a straight march towards Ari “saying you have some nerve showing up here, we thought you were dead.” Ari is perplexed and did not realize that was the case. He thought he was embraced and abandoned purposefully. The woman is incredibly aggressive towards him and says her name is Beatrice. Upon reflecting on the details, she had mentioned a memory lost to trauma takes over his very sight and senses. (This is referred to as a memorium. Similar to a flashback in a movie, the vampire’s long life can at times lose memories to time that can be retrieved or flared up)

Ari sees himself chained to a stone altar at night lit by candles. Robed figures are around him with candles lit all chanting. Four figures approach with long clear cylinder like tubes, sharp on each end. They each raise it above them and bring it down hard into Ari’s flesh as he screams in pain. They then impale their own bodies as red blood fills the tubes, draining into Ari’s body. A man approaches with graying temples and a more ornate robe. He plunges a knife into Ari’s chest, and he begins to bleed out. The blood from the four, replacing what he was losing. The man then bites his own wrist and pours blood into the still screaming Ari’s mouth. Not long after blue flashing lights and several officers yell out “STOP WHAT YOUR DOING AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR NOW!” They all disperse leaving Ari, dying on the stone. He begins to black out and hears “Don’t worry, we have you… you’re going to be ok…”

Ari snaps back to the present finally remembering what had happened to him. He has a panic attack and rushes out of Elysium to be alone, avoiding the reunion with his sire.

Father John met Ariah as they exchanged pleasantries. He witnessed what happened with Ari and approached the group where the woman who seemed to drive him off came from. Tobit Manning (the sire) spoke with Father John but when asked about certain details regarding Ari, he seemed to forget then acted as if something had a hold on his very mind. Confused Tobit leaves. Ashish a young college student who was speaking with Tobit beforehand expressed concerns to Father John that Beatrice may be behind Tobit’s unusual memory lapses and he has contradicted himself now and then. Father John asks him to record everything said and done in Beatrice’s presence because he was convinced he was being manipulated by her.

Miogaro is met by a rather well-dressed man named Robert McHugh and Nina, his Nosferatu wife, who is immaculately clean, wearing jewelry and a dress and was invited to their home as he wished to do business with him. The nature of which remains a mystery, only that he has heard of his talents and has plenty of opportunities for him.

Erin, the Brujah Primogen, is arguing loudly with another Brujah. She wants to make Salem great again by forcibly getting rid of the mages. She gives Father John her number as he paid close attention. She thinks action should be taken soon and wants to have him in on it.

Oki and Travis speak with a rustic looking older man who was seen laughing jovially with the Baron. His name is Able. He is a Gangrel who lives adjacent to the lighthouse. He has a job he would like to bring them in on since he has heard nothing but nice things about them from the Baron. Oki thanks him and is looking forward to the work. The job he mentioned is going on his boat onto the ocean, to retrieve a lost artifact from a Tremere shipwreck. His Tremere associate Graeham will lead the expedition. Oki and Travis leave Elysium after seeing Ari run outside, looking panicked.

While outside, Oki, Travis, and Ari sense they are being followed. A mortal man has been tailing them. He asks them for the worm sample Oki took from the portal site. Oki says he will die before giving it up to him and draws a long knife out.

The man’s hands raise and different glowing energy orbs circumnavigate his wrists, Oki charges him and a chain link fence rips up from the posts it is mounted to and wraps around him. A red orb begins to shine on his wrist and Travis is attacked next and begins bleeding out of the orifices of his body until his hunger drives him to run away and desperately feed before his beast gains control. Ari runs for cover. The mage takes the container from Oki, opens it and the worms from the other realm crawl into his skin and deep into his body. He opens a portal, in which the group notices the other side appears to be mostly dirt caverns.

End of session 3.


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