salem by night

The coterie has captured a mage and a fae doppelganger and have brought them to a storage facility for questioning…

Storyteller: Rick Wheeler

The Cast

Dr. Ari Pearlgrubber: a Tremere whose sire abandoned him, driving him to learn more about his clan’s blood sorcery. The Tremere used to be an order of mortal mages who sought to enhance their powers by experimenting with vampiric blood. Becoming vampires themselves they usurped power from one of the original 13 clans and took their place. Recently they were attacked, divided, and split into different houses, or orders. Ari yearns for knowledge and enjoys questioning things. He cares for his intern Danny and several family members. Played by Steve.

Miogaro is a Caitiff. The Caitiff are clanless kindred and are often looked down upon by others in Kindred society. He is a black market merchant who crafts devices. Once homeless, he cares deeply for the homeless and tries to look out for them. Played by Rob

Travis is a loner Gangrel. The Gangrel are in tune with their inner beast and commune with animals, can shape shift and are very resilient. He ran from his past and seeks permission to live by himself on land he seeks to obtain. He cares for a local veterinarian. The only family he speaks with lives in upstate New York. Played by Sergei

Father John: a former Mennonite preacher who thinks vampires are the children of God who are blessed. Mages, however, are from the devil and should be killed with extreme prejudice. He is a Ventrue who commands a gang of mortals. The Ventrue are powerful and deeply embedded into the world of economics and are considered the clan of kings. They seek to rule and often do. Father John himself refuses to sin but will order others to do so. Played by John K.

Oki: an Assamite (Banu Haqim) who defected from the clan after they joined the Camarilla. During his clan’s meeting to join the Camarilla he saw a member place a bomb to sabotage the other clan who sought entry. Finding this dishonorable and against all his clan believes in, he left. Those who committed this heinous act are searching for him to silence the truth. Oki sought asylum in Salem, granted by Baron Vanessa Bartlett. He has returned the favor, assisting her when he can. Played by John C.

They wake up the mage, whose hands are bound in set concrete, his body tied in chains. His name is Sean O’Leary of the Euthanatos. He talks quite a bit about the other types of mages in town. Order of Hermes, Verbena, and dream speakers. How they all focus on different magics, like life, entropy, time, dreams, spirit, mind and more. He spoke a bit about Martin D’Richet who is trying to stir things up between vampires and the magic community. He says many are still on the fence about what to do.

He speaks about how they felt a radioactive signature off of what they had on record regarding the codex. The original sample came from a pedestal it once remained on hundreds of years ago. They found a weak spot and opened a door to a realm that seemed to resonate with the signal. A dirt-like world was before them. They carved passageways out of the rocks. Taking samples, setting up camp.

Eventually, these worm-like beings who were sentient attacked them. One spewed a liquid filled with smaller worms at one of the mages, entering his body. They took him back to the Sanctum but he began covering his body in a chrysalis fashion. They imprisoned him in the basement until they could figure out what to do. They eventually returned but another was infected and vomited outside the portal. They lost another being pulled back into the realm by the beasts. One was lost in the tunnels (this was the one who attacked the group getting the worms back). The coterie asks about this mage that attacked them, stealing their worm sample and Sean confirms it was the member lost in the tunnels. He suspects he was being controlled by the beings.

Sean gives plenty of sass and harassment towards the group but is helpful. He asks that they at least handle the member of his sanctum in the basement before it causes a threat to the public, to which they agree.

They then move on to the unconscious Franklin doppelganger. As they do, they are told to “STOP” loudly, as a heavily armed and armored squad comes out of obfuscate. One without a helmet is a Nosferatu. The leader claims “We will be taking the boy, he is of extreme importance to us.” Oki, who had caught up with the group for the interrogation, goes to move and they shoot him in the shoulder. The pain searing into his undead flesh, burning with an unusual amount of pain. This was no ordinary round.

Ari Pearlgrubber begins to talk rationally to them. Asking “what it is exactly they plan on doing with the boy? What is he and exactly what was that all about?”

The Nosferatu leader tells them, it is the new great endeavor for clan Nosferatu. Since the discovery of Schrecknet, the Nosferatu have had a tarnished reputation. The information breach left many kindred in dire straights with the inquisition. They had recently found a new way to make themselves valuable in the sects under the watchful eye of the Inquisition, travel. Using the captured doppelgangers these “Fae.”

beings leave behind to cover their theft of lives, the clan has been able to push them into verified hedge points that access the greater network the Fae use to travel among our world. By capturing several of these copied people in different cities, they now hold a key to a door that provides instant travel in an age where travel is almost impossible. They are willing to provide this service for a price naturally. Any other doppelgangers the coterie should capture and bring to them will be paid for handsomely.

The group lets the Nosferatu leave and as they do Sean O’Leary stands up, as his chains and concrete covered hands disintegrate. He says they have more to gain by working together, and proceeds to exit the storage facility with them to deal with the problem of the transformed mage in the basement.

As the coterie steps out and lastly Sean, one of Father Johns henchmen fires a bullet at him in an attempt to kill the mage (as ordered by Father John via text). The bullet turns to dust before penetrating his skin, Sean looking enraged turns one of the cars with a henchman inside to dust, as the en-tropic forces of nature, break apart each atom. Ari tries pleading with him to stay but the mage walks away and disappears. They now have a powerful enemy who will likely seek revenge. Ari and the group chastise Father John for his actions but Father John admits no guilt or wrongdoing as it is the will of God to put such Devilish beings in the ground.

End of session


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