salem by night

Storyteller: Rick Wheeler, @DefMalkavianVtM

Our Cast

Travis is a loner Gangrel. The Gangrel are Intune with their inner beast and commune with animals, can shapeshift and are very resilient. He ran from his past and seeks permission to live by himself on land he seeks to obtain. He cares for a local veterinarian. The only family he speaks with lives in upstate New York. Played by Sergei

Miogaro is a Caitiff. The Caitiff are a clanless clan and are often looked down upon by others in Kindred society. He is black market merchant who crafts devices. Once homeless, he cares deeply for the homeless and tries to look out for them. Played by Rob

Dr. Ari Pearlgrubber is a Tremere whose sire abandoned him so he thinks and wants to learn more about his clans blood sorcery. The Tremere used to be an order of mortal mages who sought to enhance their powers by experimenting with vampiric blood. Becoming vampires themselves they usurped power from one of the original 13 clans and took their place. Recently they were attacked, divided and split into different houses or orders. Ari yearns for knowledge and enjoys questioning things. He cares for his intern Danny and several family members. Played by Steve

Father John is a former Mennonite preacher who thinks vampires are the children of God who are blessed. any mages are from the devil and should be killed with extreme prejudice. he is a Ventrue, with a gang of mortals. The Ventrue are powerful and deep into the world of economics and are considered the clan of kings. They seek to rule and often do. He himself refuses to sin but will order others to do so. Played by John K.

Oki the Assamite (Banu Haqim) Oki is an Assamite who defected from the clan who joined the Camarilla. During his clans meeting to join the Camarilla he saw a member place a bomb to sabotage the other clan who sought entry. Finding this dishonorable and against all his clan believes in, he left. Those who committed this heinous act are searching for him to silence the truth. Oki sought asylum in Salem which was granted by Baron Vanessa Bartlett. He has returned the favor, assisting her when he can. Played by John C.

Oki is called away to assist with another matter in town.

The coterie opens the Schrecknet app they acquired to ask the Nosferatu a question. A news streaming option for local events is seen and they click on it. They see the flyer for Franklin Reynolds, a 17-year-old high school student who has been missing for three days. Local law enforcement is on the lookout as this is the 3rd young person to have vanished recently and it has brought unwanted attention on kindred in the area, via Schrecknet. The flyer has a picture and a description. The Nosferatu said he had been seen running around the area sporadically. It is unclear why the Nosferatu are posting this.

Father john makes a USB copy of the video on the SI street camera depicting “blank body activity.” Father John had placed an order for a book to be made that is an approximate replica of the Ur Codex. The book comes in as his street crew notifies him. Father John instructs his guys to hijack the SI cars located at New Life Church that they recently attacked and still have agents at. He wants them to take out as many as they can safely and obtain weapons, phones, identification, and vehicles if possible.

Miogaro’s cameras and adhesive putty also come in and his ghoul brings him his packages. Miogaro begins assembling them and makes two of them after traveling back to the coterie haven to do so. He then heads back out to meet with the group who are on their way to the alleyway with the strange mage activity.

Travis heads to the site with the mage activity with pretzels coated in his vitae to continue ghouling his rat, Larry. Travis hears a rhythmic humming in the alley. Larry says the wall is soft and something is weird about it. Travis texts the group chat the coterie uses and informs them. Father John and Ari head out in father john’s car. They park across the street and Ari gets out to help investigate. Father John in the car has his ghoul Enrique circle around the block a few more times as a lookout.

Miogaro eventually arrives using his celerity to pick up the pace. He takes out his custom cameras with the putty, uses soaring leap and slaps one up above the other side of the alley to view the portal. Travis puts pretzels out and crows eat the blood pretzels to ghoul them also.

Miogaro and Ari enter the portal after Miogaro tosses his second camera in to make sure the coast was clear by viewing the feed on his phone. They see an excavated dirt tunnel with a long corridor that has a rope ladder leading upwards in the distance to an area above them, and two tunnels, one to the left and one to the right. Coolers, boxes and stage lighting using portable batteries are in the area. They find new samples of dirt that is purplish, with a rock with an unusual composition. There are human footprints as well as this foot and a half wide trail that looks unusual. The coolers contain refreshments and have labeled samples that say dirt with question marks and site A, site B, etc. The air smells different and Ari determines it has a faint trace of Argon along with the Nitrogen oxygen atmosphere. They decide to leave, but before Ari does he sucks in as much of the atmosphere as he can and holds it in his dead lungs.

They exit the portal and arrive in the alley way. Ari stores he dirt he pocketed into envelopes in the car and still has a rock sample. He breathes the argon-nitrogen atmosphere in a mason jar purchased at the store. They head back to the haven, but Travis decides to try and find Franklin Reynolds, the young man who was missing as alerted by the Schrecknet device.

After they leave Miogaro’s motion camera captures two of the mages exit the portal. One is covered in blood and the other vomits. Some large tentacle grabs the puking one and drags him in. The wall shimmer effect vanishes and the portal closes.

The mage covered in blood runs off, leaving a dripping trail of blood that Miogaro ends up following to a two-story house three blocks away. Miogaro jumps to the second-floor window with soaring leap, and with silence of death active opens the window and hides in the closet in the bedroom he entered.

Father Johns’ guys report that they have captured two Second Inquisition vehicles and a backpack full of gear. Father John is extremely concerned that Ari has been tainted by infernal mage magic and while at the haven decides he will have to cleanse him. He blesses water and covers Ari cleansing him of all infernal taint from the mage magic.

Travis finds the missing youth and tracks him to Sargent St. Park. They hear singing that gets louder as they go, and it sounds like a woman singing a haunting lullaby. Travis texts the group and Father John and Ari head out to meet Travis at the park. Father John waits in the car for his gang to bring his SI bag they had obtained.

They see a woman in a stunning almost blinding white dress with a golden crown that has 20-25 golden stems arching outward like the sun, adorned with black roses dipped in gold which is also around her neck and strung across her dress. In a melodic enchanting voice, she says “Come to me Franklin, you’ve finally found me, I can take all of your pain away Franklin.”

Franklin, in a stupor, begins to walk towards her as her hand outstretches towards him. Travis and Ari run towards him to stop him. “Hurry my love, they want to take you away from me,” and he quickens his pace. Travis shoots a crossbow arrow directly at her, and it flies steadily towards her chest, but then passes through her as if she was air itself. Franklin reaches this large bush-like hedge covered in thorns and this ghostly supernatural light shines from beyond and it begins to open, he is now being pulled into it, screaming horrifically as the thorns cut his flesh.

Travis runs up and tries to stop her, but she entrances him, “My beautiful darling… stay with me here now and forever. We can watch the sun together.” Travis is frozen in adoration but internally is horrified that he may meet final death by the sun. Ari grabs Franklin and tries to pull him out of the bush as he screams bloody murder, but he is only able to momentarily halt the passage. Father John runs over to assist after hearing the screams. A being steps out as if uncloaking from the large tree nearby. It is feminine in stature, with skin like bark, parts of her are covered in moss and vines almost for modesty. Her head has a crescent-like shape towards the top with the same black and gold roses. She holds a large branch and strikes Father John and he is thrown fifteen feet. The hedge about ten feet away begins to glow green and golden light and open in a different area as Franklin succumbs to the pull and disappears into the hedge. From the other opening another Franklin appears, uncut, and unharmed no longer looking tired, and dirty and he begins to jog presumably home. Travis fires his crossbow into his calf muscle as the coterie shouts “that can’t be him don’t let him get away”! Franklin falls to the ground and his struck by Travis knocked unconscious.

Miogaro still hiding in the house that he followed the bloody mage to, hears someone walk up the stairs onto his level. Minutes later a shower starts and the door closes. He is using silence of death walks in and closes the door when he hears the water hit the body of the person. When he sees the silhouette of the man begin to wash his hair be pistol whips him twice. The body hits the floor and someone from downstairs calls out hearing the noise “Sean? Are you ok?!? Did you fall”? Footsteps are heard as someone begins to head upstairs. Miogaro heads into the adjacent room, and as the man walks up the bathroom door facing away from him, he blinks and shoots him in the head killing him instantly. He dresses the man and exits. Dropping the unconscious person below from the window into a bush. He carries the man home convincing people he’s carrying a drunk. Once there he ties him up and puts his hands in concrete in a bucket. Afterward he checks in with Ari and Father John.

Father John gets in the car with the street gang members who stole the inquisition vehicles to go pick up this mage prisoner and Miogaro. The gang member describes how they snuck up on two SI agents, stabbing them in the liver as they bled black blood all over the pavement. They retrieved their I.D. badges and weapons and took their vehicles. Stripping them of all tracking devices, bugs, and GPS. The cars themselves are armored and are now being chopped and repurposed for the gang and coterie. Three inquisition pistols and six ammunition cartridges are acquired as well as night vision, and what appeared to be some sort of vampire killing kit with stakes and holy water. A shotgun with a stake launcher was found in the trunk.

They use the “Noskia” (the name they gave the flip phone with the Schrecknet app) and contact the Nosferatu. They instruct them to bring Franklin to an U-haul storage facility they purchased. While at the warehouse Ari and Travis find all the means to tie up the doppelganger with chains and locks. Then they all meet up at the storage facility ending the session.


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