salem by night

Storyteller Rick Wheeler

Travis is a loner Gangrel. He fled his family from upstate New York and has used the training his uncle gave him to survive off the land. On his own for some time now, he was embraced while trying to put some distance between himself and his home. He finds himself in Salem, Massachusetts, reaching out to the Baron in hopes to be granted a small domain in the woods where he can live alone in peace.

Miogaro is a Caitiff black market merchant. A man who spent years homeless on the streets. He had a natural gift for building things. Eventually, he rose out of poverty and became something of a black market entrepreneur crafting custom devices and weapons. Now a turned and abandoned Caitiff it’s just another day, or night from his perspective, but with far more interesting clients.

Dr. Ari Pearlgrubber is a Tremere whose sire abandoned him after an embrace he doesn’t remember. He was found and taken in by the Baron Vanessa. He has a keen intellect and scientific curiousity. He longs to now the history of exactly how he came into this life and to know more of the new occult world he is part of.

Father John is a former Mennonite preacher who thinks vampires are the children of God who are blessed. Any mages are from the devil and should be killed with extreme prejudice. He is a Ventrue, turned during the early 19th century during the sect wars. Now with a gang of devoted mortals, he seeks to rid the world of Magic, starting with Salem. He himself refuses to sin but will order others to do so.

The Players arrived at Elysium which is on the surface a college for the Occult. The instructions on the envelope everyone was given detailed the address and location of the meeting which was the basement level. The room they entered was sealed from light, with no windows, just chandeliers and candle holders.

They arrive to meet the Baron, Vanessa Bartlett of clan Tremere. A member of House Carna and a survivor of the days when witches were burned at the stake. She has been a staple of the community for over two hundred years, keeping the witch culture of Salem alive. She has had a good relationship with the area’s mages and occult groups, often teaching at the local college. Eventually, she was elevated as an ambassador to the Camarilla. When the former Baron abdicated office, she took the throne. She has shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes that are almost like honey or amber in color. Black lipstick and dark eyeshadow, sometimes violet or blue. She appears around 29 years. For someone her age, she is surprisingly down to earth, relatable and friendly. She speaks rather frankly and if challenged would rather first sass and humiliate the problem than use her vast powers to prove a point.

The Baron greeted everyone and gave a brief run down for several of the new kindred of the Second inquisition. Its history and attacks around the world, including the destruction of the Tremere headquarters in Vienna and the fall of London which was the extermination of all kindred in the city. Salem being an occult mecca is an obvious target and while they have plenty of defenses, fear of detection and masquerade breach are much higher due to the mage community. As the letter stated one mage was gunned down as they were thought to be kindred. Some mages want the kindred out, even by force. Others don’t care and mind their business.

Another problem is a relic the Ur Codex. An ancient grimoire tome said to have knowledge of power. She hopes to find it before it winds up in the hands of mages, or worse, the Inquisition. It seems to have a protection incantation where it surfaces in and out between our realm and the umbra. People have been searching for it since the Baron’s sire Madeline Coventry found it in the 18th century.

Another problem plaguing the city is a mage by the name of Martin D’Richet. He had a powerful mage daughter who fell for the prince of New Orleans a Ventrue named Marcel but he refused to embrace her. She came back to Salem and was embraced by a rogue Tremere. She fled back down to New Orleans to be with Marcel. Martin her father was furious that his daughter gave up her legacy as a powerful mage and began to enact revenge on New Orleans. With the help of a Caitiff he misleads and tricks into obedience, he has kindred staked and brought to auction to be fed to Elders. Vanessa went own to New Orleans to bring him back and found all of this and with the help of some local kindred stopped it. Martin escaped back to Salem and has not been seen since. Probably operating during daylight hours and knowing the kindred are after him. Luckily, he doesn’t know any of the newcomers which may give you them an edge.

Baron Vanessa then gave them the keys and address to a haven that is hers she is not currently using. Saying it should be adequate and stocked enough to help you out. The haven itself is a historical location that was up until recently used for local tours.

She then introduced the Coterie to Father Cooper, a Ministry member (former the Followers of Set) who keep an eye on the city, particularly the faithful and occult communities as well as providing guidance to the Anarchs.

Father Cooper told them a few mages had been seen walking past his church every other night around 10 pm. They would enter an alleyway and then disappear suddenly. An hour or so later they would reappear covered in dirt. Unsure what they are up to but it might not be any good.

The only other thing found was a flier for a young high school student that went missing. A number was attached if anyone had seen him.

The coterie went to the Haven. Found it extremely secure. Salt around the perimeter… on the storm cellar door there were two runic symbols from a blood sorcery ward. One symbol was for lupines, the other for wraiths. They entered the front door. A normal living area and upstairs rooms. However, the door leading down stairs had more wards against ghouls and or humans.

She had personally discussed the matter of Ari Pearlgrubber’s sire Tobit Manning and how he should proceed with caution as he has always kept to himself and may be up to something. She has offered young Ari knowledge and assistance.

Father John asked his retainer to work on having a fake copy of the Codex created. He has a bounty on all the SI cameras in town to be destroyed and retrieved for information and hacking. Whoever puts the cameras back will be followed.

Travis the Gangrel was more interested in the weird happenings with the mages. He has talked a rat into watching the alleyway where mages have been disappearing.

Father Cooper told them about the group of 3-4 mages who routinely walk down the street, then disappear only to be seen again hours later covered in dirt. One of his ghouls went missing, probably from being too obvious in his scouting. Father Cooper is uneasy about Father John. He has told them that Brother Sebastian, a Malkavian at a monastery, may be able to provide them with manpower and criminal assistance. He has also told them where to find Ariah the Ministry member who owns a club often used as Elysium called “The Vine.”

A possible lead on Martin is a place over by Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, which is a local tourist attraction. He has not been seen at night since his return and is likely operating solely during daylight hours. Any accomplices are unknown.

The name of the mage who was killed is Brett Lajoie. This may have been arranged to sew discord by Martin, but no one knows for certain.

Several Second Inquisition stake out points have been noticed by the docks, near a shipping area. A male and female agent have had sketches taken of them.

The group discussed what they are good at and can contribute. Travis was not forthcoming about any information about himself.

They begin to investigate the haven more. Upon walking into the basement they saw a 7ft tall glass chamber attached at the bottom to a brass base with a brown tarp over it. Ari removed the tarp and found smoke inside, swirling around. After gazing into it a face appeared in the smoke and a scream filled his mind. Cold hands that were not there began to grasp his throat as he was paralyzed. The hands moved upwards into his skull and he blacked out, the rest of the group rushed down stairs after hearing commotion only to see the chamber empty of smoke suddenly and there associate frozen. The Gangrel Travis snapped his fingers in front of him and was nearly struck by a blow from the possessed Ari.

A box from a taller shelf flew by itself across the room towards the other Miogaro. The Travis tried to slap him hard across the face but was countered and thrown back. Travis tried to counter-attack but his own beast took the opportunity to rise up and seize control causing him to revert into a defensive animal-like state and back into a corner growling. Ari possessed by this thing ran to the bulkhead to leave but the warding caused him to suffer what appeared to the group as a sort of electrocution. Smoke began billowing out of his mouth as this being of mist, smoke and shade took form. It darted past them and up the stairs, knocking Miogaro through the wood so it wouldn’t touch the warded surface.

They called the Baron and told her what had happened. Many other containers were down there before and she had them moved out, but one was left behind. The coterie is now finding a large occult library, weapons and a safe security system in the basement for them to use, in their new quest.

End of Session.


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