VirtualHorror Con

Gehenna Gaming Announces VirtualHorror Con

Gives Fans A Virtual Con Experience Taking Place April 4-5, 2020

Gehenna Gaming is supporting the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund with the world’s first virtual horror tabletop RPG convention from the safety of your own screen. VirtualHorror Con is a horror-themed tabletop RPG convention digital-centric experience complete with panels, raffles, gameplay demos, and even a vendor & artist hall.

VirtualHorror Con is a two-day virtual horror tabletop RPG convention, founded by Gehenna Gaming, that can be experienced on any screen no matter where you are. This con is complete with panels, raffles, gameplay demos, and even a vendor & artist hall! Many of fan favorite events and conventions have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the convention experience. This event will give fans and players the opportunity to connect with the game developers, artists, and publishers they love. It even features a virtual vendor hall to connect fans and players with products they would find at any of the canceled gaming conventions. No lines. Safe social distancing. Horror-themed actual play streams, live panels, and digital tabletop RPG one-shot sessions running the whole time! 

VirtualHorror Con was born in response to the cancellation of numerous conventions and events due to the international spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to give those affected financially by these cancellations an opportunity to reach their audiences, and those attendees now missing out on their favorite events some levity during a serious situation. With so many people staying home and avoiding large scale events and conventions, VirtualHorror Con is a wonderful way to participate in a virtual convention experience from the safety of their own homes.

It is not only a unique virtual convention experience but also helps in the effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. VirtualHorror Con includes charity raffles of a variety of gaming-related giveaways, with proceeds going to the newly created COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. This fund is managed by the United Nations Foundation, in partnership with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.

Gehenna Gaming has included organizations, content creators, and vendors from the traditional tabletop roleplaying games industry to take part in this historic online community event: Adventure Pub, Carrion Comfort Studios, Charm Person Games, Darker Days Radio, Dice Dungeons, Diversity Gaming, Double Midnight comics, GameKnight, Games on Demand, High Level Games, Jackalope LARP, Lovelycraftians, Mage the podcast, NearDark Studios, Onyx Path Publishing, Pop Culture, Savage Sparrow, Similacrum Studios, The Botch Pit, The Midnight World, The Primogen, The Rusty Quill, Twin Cities By Night, Werewolf: The Podcast

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